February 12th is Pat Gelsinger’s last day at VMware.

I wanted to thank Pat, for all his passion and support for the VMUG community.

Pat Gelsinger

Pat is a very passionate man; I had the opportunity to meet Pat on several occasions.

No one can say for sure if Pat was born to be a leader, but his life’s work shows a pattern of actions that illustrate how he became a legend among historic IT business leaders.

Pat characterizes leadership, and I would remember the 5Ls:

Pat Gelsinger’s 5 Ls of Leadership:

  • Link: Connect people to others.  Whether it is inter-team or inter-organization. 
  • Learn: Maintain a growth mindset.  Always learning
  • Lift: Relentless pursuit to self-improvement.  Positive encouraging outlook
  • Listen: Leaders listen to those around them and those that they lead.  Actively listens to respond.  Listen for the answers
  • Love : Self-love, respect and love of others.  hold yourself and others accountable

Certainly, Pat was a passionate man, a leader, I remember his Keynotes at VMworld, especially during the handover from Paul Maritz to Pat (VMworld 2012).

With these few words, and on behalf of the French community, we wish him good luck, and see you soon Pat!


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